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Partner with us, for Spring Service.

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Meet Joseph, one of our recent graduates...

Testimonial, Joseph G. 3/17/23

Without hesitation, this has been one of the best self-help classes I have participated in.

For every session that I eagerly attended and participated in I always departed in deep thought and wanting to learn more. ‘

In great detail, I’ve learned what it is to have a great relationship and in turn, what a bad relationship looks like. I’ve learned how to go in depth into my adverse childhood events to connect the events throughout my life journey that helped shape my view of the world and the belief system that made it okay to make poor decisions and identify what pattern of actions that led to the same.

Additionally, and most importantly, I gained the tools necessary to stop anti-social and destructive behaviors.

There is so much that has been taught in the course from the science of “hard-wired” human emotions and that anger is in fact a secondary emotion; to the shocking “Angel/Demon” concept; to being your own agent; my being a “CEO” of the corporate “me.” The CEO (me) making great and moral executive decisions to sustain a life lived in amends, an on-going process of continuous improvement and the complete behavior change for the better.

And to Vanessa and Dave, they made the process easy for many of us to understand. Because of the judgment free environment, many were able to expose their vulnerability and share things in their life, where they might not have done anywhere else. For this, others could relate and share openly, which encouraged the domino effect.

I feel privileged and grateful to have been part of this program that will have a lasting and resonating effect on me.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph G., LWOP